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    Aeonxan Photography

    A Photographer and Videographer based in Oregon.

About Me

My name is Aaron Leung, and I'm a student Photographer,

I am a currently a student at Linn-Benton Community College down in Oregon and I'm pursuing a major in Journalism. I have found my passion in telling stories through writing. I dream to make a career using my skills in telling my own stories.

Alongside writing, I have found a similar passion in telling stories through my photography. I started photography back in 2011 when I received a hand-me down DSLR, and I have not put the camera down since. I like to draw inspiration from the environment around me; living in the beautiful state of Oregon has it's perks!

Every day is a joy, Life is truly beautiful, and I aim to capture part of the moment through my lens. I hope you all will join me as I publish my works!

My Experience


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Get in Touch with Me

I am available via email. Feel free to contact me for almost anything and I'll get back to you! The entire website is currently under the works as the new layout is pretty new, so thanks for bearing this with me.

I am located in,
Corvallis, Oregon, US

My email address is,

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